We are a rowing organization that welcomes all cancer survivors. In 2019 we opened our program participation to those who support our rowers and our organization’s mission. Whether you are new to rowing or row at a competitive level, the program is designed to maximize your opportunity to fulfill your personal goals.


Our Name

Our name has changed but our Mission and Vision is the same.   

With stagnate membership the question raised was “is our name limiting the organizations ability to grow”?   Sadly, yet conclusively the answer was YES.

Naiades has touched/inspired/challenged past and present crew in so many ways and to consider a name change was not easy. 

 Two years of research and input from crew and supporters yielded the final Marketing recommendation.

Board approved April 10th

Marketing presentation to Crew April 20th 

Our Mission

Our rowing program is unique as it is committed to serving the physical and emotional needs of all cancer survivors. Through our shared rowing experience, we find a means to maintain wellness for our bodies, and courage and determination for our spirit. 

We find healing on the water through the power of our commitment, and we hope to provide inspiration to all of those who face the challenges of cancer. 

We are supporting people who have faced cancer or are currently under treatment by providing physical conditioning, rehabilitation, education, and camaraderie.