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 Coach – Stephanie Lipari

Stephanie started her rowing career at Fairport Crew when she was in 8th grade. Stephanie quickly fell in love with the sport so she decided to row varsity at Ithaca College. Stephanie rowed for Ithaca for her first three years at school in the bow seat and then had a back injury her junior year. For her senior year, Stephanie spent her fall semester coxing for their varsity men’s 3V. After graduating college in 2018, Stephanie spent the summer coaching for Fairport’s Adult Learn to Row program and loved every second of it.


Our coaches strive to keep us aware of the best rowing techniques and safety on the water. They are crystal clear when explaining the rowing technique beginning with the ergs and continuing in the boats with practice drills and “pauses” to get us in sync with each part of the stroke. 

Most importantly our  coaches take time to share with each rower what they see and how to improve.

 Meet Our Coaches

Coaching is described by John Whitmore as unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. At ROCCREW our coaches come to us with extensive rowing experience.
To our benefit our coaches come to us with different perspectives and different coaching techniques.  
Alyssa Gabel (left) was a division one rower all four years of college at the University of Buffalo and became our coach in 2018.  Alyssa stresses the importance of body mechanics in rowing.
Karen Morgan (right) has been a certified rowing coach for ten years. Karen was a coach for Naiades back in 2012 and recently returned to us this season.  Karen focus is in performing stretching exercises before entering the boats and afterwards which increase flexibility.