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Learn to Row

If you’ve never rowed anything other than a typical rowboat, LTR is for you. No experience needed, as one of our certified coaches will teach you the basics of the rowing stroke on a rowing machine. Then our coach will take you out on the Genesee in one of our 8-oared shells with experienced rowers.

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Novice Rowing

Experienced, synchronized rowers make rowing look easy and effortless, but they’ve logged many kilometers on the water. Once you’ve completed LTR, you’ll advance to novice. Here you’ll improve your skills, strength and stamina and begin to feel the true joy of rowing and the camaraderie it creates.

Advanced Rowing

Once you’ve completed about a year as a novice, you’ll move on to advanced rowing. Here you’ll regularly be in a boat with experienced rowers, and if you wish, compete in one or more regattas. You’ll understand the shared passion that is rowing.

“The team effort—the perfectly synchronized flow of muscle, oars, boat and water; the single, whole, unified, and beautiful symphony that a crew in motion becomes—is all that matters. Not the individuals, not the self.”

The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown, 2013

And for all of our on-the-water programs, don’t worry if occasionally the weather doesn’t cooperate, we provide indoor workouts and yoga in their place

Winter Training

In Rochester, we’re fortunate to have the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center (PIRC) available to us.  This is a great way to learn to row, but also a way to maintain the improved fitness achieved on the Genesee. We also offer exercise and yoga classes at the GWC boathouse, as well as have several social events.

To register for any of our programs, visit the registration page.