Can anybody row with ROCCREW?

Cancer survivors are our priority, but supporters and volunteers may row with us if seats are available.

Why row with us?

You will be rowing with others who have faced the challenges of cancer.  Our coaches understand the uniqueness of our team and coach to our mission.

What’s the focus of ROCCREW?

We emphasize gaining strength, hope and confidence through teamwork, training and camaraderie.

Is ROCCREW open to both women and men?

Yes, survivors of all cancers, both men and women, who are ready to challenge themselves, are welcome to join.

What are the benefits of rowing?

Rowing is a full-body exercise – legs, core and arms, perhaps the most complete exercise regimen there is.  But just as important, it engages your mind and reduces daily stresses.  And, there’s nothing quite like being out on the water.

Do I have to be really physically fit?

Rowers should be aerobically fit enough to allow for continuous rowing and be reasonably flexible.  People with significant knee, back or shoulder issues should proceed with caution.

Collegiate rowers all seem so tall, is there a place for an average person?

Yes, we welcome rowers of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Is rowing expensive?

We pay our coaches and coxswains, and have some fixed costs like boathouse rental fees and equipment maintenance, but we try to keep costs low by relying on volunteers, donations and fundraisers.  We have a scholarship fund if cost is an issue for a rower.

Does ROCCREW participate in regattas?

Yes, we consider regattas a fun way to work together and demonstrate our progress in recovery. 

What do rowers do in the winter?

In Rochester, we’re fortunate to have the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center (PIRC) available to us.  We also offer exercise and yoga classes at the GWC boathouse, as well as have several social events.